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Intensive driving courses... the North East can be done in both rural and urban areas to the same great effect. Saving much travelling time going to and from the areas where the driving test centres are takes up much of the lesson time if taken in 1 to 2 hour blocks each week

Also a traditional non intensive driving course done at an hour or so at a time over several months will cost significantly more than an intensive driving course, which are planned in to suit your availability over just a few weeks or even days.

The government suggest 47 hours plus 22 hours private practice with friends and family is the average required to reach the driving test standard. Our Intensive driving courses have an average of about 35 hours per course and a much higher than average pass rate.

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We have 8 different courses which can be completed in anything from 2 days to 6 weeks. There really is no quicker way to do it!

Our Driving Instructors

Every Intensive Driving Course needs a great instructor. We are a Nationwide collective of high quality independent driving instructors. Many, in fact most of our driving instructors are recruited from the top 20% of all UK driving instructors. We believe we offer the best value and best results.

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Assessment Lesson

Every Intensive Driving Course starts with a tailoring exercise to help you choose the best course to suit your previous experience - Our 1.5 hour assessment is essential. It also gives you a chance to meet your instructor before booking your course. This is so important!

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X Assessment Lesson

As we have already said the 1.5 hour assessment lesson is so important.

First of all it will give you confidence in the ability and personality of your instructor - After all you will be sat next to him/her for about 4 hours each day

You will need to feel you have chosen the right person!

There are 2 types of new student to us -

  • Those that have never driven
  • Those that have some experience
  • If you have never driven you may be looking at 35 to 40 hours which can be done in as little as 8 to 10 days.

    However, lots of people have already gained some experience and may only need as little as 10 hours.

    Whatever your standard is you'll do lots of driving so we can get the clearest picture of which course will be best for you

    Call us today on 07860 600 938 and we may be able to get the assessment lesson done withing a few days from now.

    Our guarantee

    Whilst no one can guarantee any pupil will pass we can say that if you manage to fail your intensive driving course for any reason, then we will pay for your next driving test. As with all promises there are conditions.
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    X Our Guarantee

    Nobody can ever guarantee a test pass. The best we can do is to pay for your second test if you manage to blow out on your first attempt

    You can see our terms and conditions at Terms and Conditions

    The best way to describe our T&C's is very fair. If you take our assessment lesson, complete the course as agreed between you and your instructor we will pay for your second test and ensure it's brought forward to a suitable date within a week.

    Call us today on 07860 600 938 and we can chat through your plans and requirements

    Pass rates

    A We have been doing both intensive driving courses and regular week after week courses for more than 20 years. The pass rate is always about 10% better with intensive courses - Providing you don't do more than 5 hours per day (like some companies.)

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    X Pass Rates

    Pass rates are personal to you the pupil - If you are good enough you'll pass and if you are not up to standard you will fail

    Having worked in the industry for 20+ years I've never been convinced any single instructor gives accurate pass rates. There's no way of checking.

    The best we can do for you is give a link to a government site which shows pass rates per test centre etc. And hey, as it's an outside website the government are prone to changing the link - Please let us know if this does not work Click Here

    For your information we can honestly say there are no 'quotas' to fulfill, No extra fails on a Friday afternoon or Monday morning. Your task is simply to be good enough to pass - We can help

    Call us today on 07860 600 938 and we can chat through your requirements for your intensive driving course

    Intensive Driving Courses

    B To do an intensive driving course you'll need both parts of your driving licence, you'll need to pass your theory test sooner rather than later (we can help with this) You'll need to do our 1.5 hour assessment lesson and an idea of when you want to do the course.

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    X Intensive Driving Courses

    What do I need? - You need to pass your test!

  • You need both parts of your valid provisional driving licence - It takes about 3 weeks to get one from the DVLA

  • You need to pass your driving theory test - It takes about 10 hours of study and 2 weeks to get a date from DSA

  • You need just £30 to pay for your assessment lesson and then you need to call us.

    We can make a start with the assessment lesson and planning when you want to do your crash course before you have passed your theory, but we cannot book a driving test or start your intensive driving course until you have done this.

    Call us today on 07860 600 938 and we can chat through your requirements for your intensive driving course

  • Professional Services

    C We'll do the rest an ensure you have a test date booked for the end of your course. We review all active pupil files daily to ensure all goes well in the run up and during your course. We seek feedback from you to ensure we can always deliver a premium service.

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    X Professional Services

    Our company motto has always been 'Patience and Professionalism'

  • We choose the best driving instructors we can find; Many come through our sister site

    High Grade Driving Instructors

  • We were the first driving school in the UK to gain the 'Investor in People' award way back in 2003

  • We monitor every course and invite feedback from both you and your instructor at any point.
  • Call us today on 07860 600 938 and we can chat through your requirements for your intensive driving course

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