Blackpool area Intensive Driving Courses

1.5 hour assessment lesson for just £30

Our low cost initial assessment lesson will give you real confidence in our ability to help guide you through the whole process of an intensive driving course. It will ensure you get to choose the right length of course and just as important - when you want to do it.

Choose us and we'll always steer you in the right direction

Call us today on 01303 279755

Getting you to pass your driving test quickly is our real speciality!

We are so confident of a first time pass that we offer to pay for your second driving test if you do manage to blow out on your first attempt.

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A bit more detail!

Instructors that deliver intensive driving courses in the FY postcode region -

The driving test centres we cover -

Postcode FY0 FY1 FY2 FY3 FY4 FY5 FY6 FY7 FY8
Instructors 0 4 4 4 4 2 2 4 6



X Dale Brooks - Driving instructor in Blackpool

I enjoy teaching for a number of reasons but the main reason is the thought that the person who has just passed their driving test is celebrating one of the happiest moments they will ever feel, and I played a major part in them feeling that way.

X Tony Simcock

An ADI since 1990, Tony has achieved many things in the Driving School world.

He was the first company in the UK to gain the 'Investors in People' award, he also gained awards for small business of the year and training provider of the year.

He has run MOD Contracts, a Fleet Driver Training Company, Franchising operations and much more.

Currently a grade 6 instructor (that's the highest grade possible) who likes to go back to basics and likes nothing more than helping people get through their driving tests on on of his Intensive Driving Courses.

He is also an elder in a local church, a director of a canoe club and also of a local bookshop.

X Aysha Francis


X Clay Walker

Top of the pile - Grade 6 Instructor - MORE TO FOLLOW

X Jenny

Dale at Weelz Driving School hasn't just helped me pass my driving test today, he has literally changed my future for the better. Thank you so much and I would recommend you and your company to anyone.

X Cameron Simcock

Why does you own son take more tests than anyone else? When will they ever listen? - MORE TO FOLLOW

X Andy Brown

Known as Mr Fixit, for being one of the most helpful and flexible instructors on the planet- MORE TO FOLLOW

X Naomi

Won pupil of the year 2012 - MORE TO FOLLOW

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